October 2009

Attended the Austin Film Festival and Screenwriters Convention.

May 2009

AGES OF WONDER reviewed by Cititor SF (Romanian website) and Fantasy Book Critic

(Cititor SF) “And these stories too, look to me like all are very well balanced, some of them are even sending messages of life and “how to make it” to the reader … the unsuspected resources that are staying well hidden in each can save us many times from extreme conditions like we can see depicted in A Swift Changing Course.”

(FBC) “I loved A Swift Changing Course, a very well done coming of age story on board of a warship ready for battle.”

March 2009

Launch of Ages of Wonder at Ad Astra 2009.

February 2009

Received Canada Council for the Arts Grant to write Summer of Flight – a YA Novel.

May 2008

Jana Paniccia and Julie E. Czerneda win the Prix Aurora Award in the category of Best Work in English (Other) for their anthology, Under Cover of Darkness.

May 2007

Short story sale

Sold short story, "A Swift Changing Course" to DAW anthology Ages of Wonder, edited by Rob St. Martin and Julie E. Czerneda.

April 2007


“There's a little something for everyone...”

March 2007

UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS Game a success at Ad Astra (March 2-4, 2007)

Faced with hints, hidden messages, and even a Masquerade threat, the truths behind the Ad Astra Launch were not going to be kept secret from a large number of intrepid interactive game participants. The event was an astounding success, filling the launch with both participants and those who were curious about the dire warnings spread throughout the convention...

Special thanks go to my ingenious fellow game designers: Karina Sumner-Smith, Leah Bobet, and Sarah Jane Elliott, for all their help -- not just before the event, but also for running the show throughout Ad Astra.  Special kudos also go to Stellar Magpie for its stunning and unique UNDER COVER mask, and to Alice for entering the Masquerade on the Game’s behalf, and to the fine folks at Penguin, who offered up prizes and made a fantastic marketing poster.  Also thanks to Ad Astra for their keen interest and support - especially Alana Otis.

See Pictures from Ad Astra 2007:


“Achieves a nice balance between well-known authors such as Larry Niven, Tanya Huff, and Esther Friesner with not as well known authors such as Stephen Kotowych.”

February 2007

UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS launched at the Merril Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy

(February 4, 2007) A great crowd joined Julie and I, and UNDER COVER authors Amanda Bloss Maloney, Darwin Garrison, Stephen Kotowych, Jihane Noskateb, and Doug Smith for the launch of UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS. With great readings, appetisers, and lots of books signed, a great time was had by all. Special thanks to the Merril Collection for their hosting of the event, and to Bakka-Phoenix Books for selling the book!

See Pictures from the launch:

UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS reviewed by Romantic Times

“Fans of short stories will find much to like in this collection of tales dealing with spies, conspiracies and secret organizations bent on either destroying or saving the world ... certainly delivers as promised.”

UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS reviewed by Monsters and Critics

“Editors Czerneda and Paniccia do a commendable job of bringing together 14 fresh, often inventive stories with a “guardian at the gate” flavor... Enjoy this bright collection of short stories and the tantalizing peeks into they offer into an all too frequently tired genre.”

UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS reviewed by Explorations

“Science fiction and fantasy fans who enjoy their stories laden with secrecy and intrigue (underground societies, double agents, covert organizations, etc.) will undoubtedly enjoy... Packed with a highly diverse assortment of bite-sized literary confections, this new DAW anthology should appeal to anyone who appreciates intelligent, lucid conspiracy theory stories à la Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code.”