“Offering of Trust”

—in the anthology, Summoned to Destiny,
edited by Julie Czerneda.

Summoned to Destiny

About the Anthology

Summoned to Destiny is an anthology of original fantasy stories based on the theme of self-discovery. From that starting point, the stories are as diverse as their authors, ranging from traditional fantasy to shapeshifters, from dragon-haunted cliffs to simple country inns. But all share a love of things wondrous and magic. Discover that power has its price — and a destiny involving magic is never quite what you expect. Featuring original fiction by: Marie Brennan, Ed Greenwood, Kevin G. Maclean, Jana Paniccia, M T O'Shaughnessy, Ruth Stuart, Karina Sumner-Smith, and Michelle West. With cover illustration by Kenn Brown and Chris Wren.

Jana’s Notes

My story, “Offering of Trust” takes place in the aftermath of a devastating war. It is the story of Shen Faltair, a boy coming to terms with death and disability, who must offer everything that he is, in order to protect the future of his world.


On “Offering of Trust” by Jana Paniccia: “Here debuts a writer unafraid to tackle particularly difficult subject matter: the trauma of war and death, scars that run deep.”
Pat Forde. Made in Canada Review