“Dragonslayer: Being the True and Terrible Tale of a Fearsome Meeting Between a Man and a Monster”

—in the anthology, Fantasy Gone Wrong,
edited by Brittiany Koren and Martin H. Greenberg.

Fantasy Gone Wrong

About the Anthology

Everyone knows that heroes should triumph, dragons should be slain, and maidens should be rescued. But what if things don't go according to plan? Here are fun-filled tales of magic gone awry, from an author whose unicorn protagonist takes control of the story, to a person who can hear food talking, to a confusing case of murder in fairy-tale land-with many strange events and surprising consequences in between.

Jana’s Notes

I have little doubt that “Dragonslayer: The True and Terrible Tale of a Fearsome Meeting Between a Man and a Monster” is going to forever be my story with the longest title. I still laugh at the fact it takes up three lines in the Table of Contents of the anthology. Which suits the main character quite well, just so you know.

Dragonslayer is the story of Hamster Duggin, a huckster who makes his living by taking tourists on trips to see the place where he killed a dragon. What he doesn’t realise is that one of those trips is about to go terribly wrong — at least for him.

I was a bit nervous about this story because I wondered if anyone would think what I thought was funny, actually was. Lucky for me, people seem to laugh in all the right places. I’ve also learned that this is one of my better stories for reading out loud — though it’s taken me a bit of practice to get Hamster’s voice right.