So, who is Jana Paniccia?

Jana Paniccia is an author and editor living in Toronto, Ontario. With the release of her first edited DAW anthology, Under Cover of Darkness (with Julie E. Czerneda), in February 2007, Jana thought it was an auspicious time to set up a web presence. In other words, the resounding chorus of, “You need a website!” and “What if people want to find out more about you?” finally sunk in.

So, now you’ve found the result!

Here you will find a bit more about Jana — from the stories she’s written to the anthologies she’s edited, from her thoughts on writing to what she is working on now. You’ll know where she’s been spotted, where she will be next, and what conventions she is planning to attend.

And if there’s something that isn’t here, don’t be shy about dropping Jana a line via email.

You can also check out Jana’s blog at – started during her three month writing sabbatical in the fall of 2009.